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Preservation Burlington was created in October 2016 from a shared concern about the demolition of local historic properties. We believe that anything is worth saving with the love and knowledge of what a Historic Property can be!  Contributions received help us with operating costs which include legal fees for inception, website maintenance, educational programs, print collateral, and the ability to provide support and resources to preserve historic properties.


Through preservation, education, and involvement, Preservation Burlington seeks to protect and celebrate the architectural and historical heritage of Burlington and the surrounding area. Historical preservation and adaptive re-use contributes to stronger, safer neighborhoods, economic development, aesthetic beauty, and community pride. By fostering within the community an appreciation of our historic properties, we aim to promote interest in, and good stewardship of our local historical treasures.




We promote the preservation of historic structures by supporting property owners. We act as a local clearing house for information and contacts to help aid their restoration efforts. Our main objective at this time is to create a revolving fund in order to make Preservation Loans available to property owners in order to secure and preserve threatened buildings.



We educate the public about what historic preservation is, why it matters, and how it can be a tool to achieve our community's goals. In order to meet the need for information about the care  and maintenance of historic properties, as well as promote interest in local preservation, Preservation Burlington offers an ongoing series of Homeowner Workshops, Lectures, and Tours.



We advocate for preservation initiatives by encouraging projects that balance the need for development and growth with the desire to retain our historic resources. We also promote advocacy by bringing awareness to critical local preservation issues.