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As part of our non-profit mission to promote and protect Burlington’s historic properties, Preservation Burlington wants to update you on the applications to remove 1004, 1010, 1016, and 1022 West Davis Street from the Local Historic District Zoning Overlay.

Some of the main concerns and arguments against the applications for removal are: 

  • Potential for future removals from the district based on precedent.

  • Future removal applications cost tax payers tens of thousands of dollars for each application cycle to hire consultants to do the impact study. This also results in countless hours by planning staff to move the process forward. 

  • If enough properties are removed from the Local Historic Districts, we will lose National Register Status and thus, lose the Historic Designation/Local Historic District entirely.

  • The applicants have never been denied a request and have failed to present adequate cause for removal. 

  • The applications are contrary to Burlington's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

  • Potential redevelopment or loss of important historic properties.

City Council postponed their decision on the removal applications to the Tuesday, October 4th meeting.


Here is a brief recap of the process and public hearings to date: 

  1. The professional consultant hired by the City of Burlington recommended that the applications be DENIED because of the potential negative impacts on the entire neighborhood.

  2. The Historic Preservation Commission recommended that the applications be DENIED.

  3. The City of Burlington planning and zoning staff recommended that the applications be DENIED.

  4. The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended that the applications be DENIED

  5. The NC State Historic Preservation Office does not support the removal applications. 

  6. Preservation North Carolina recommended that the applications be DENIED

  7. Preservation Burlington recommended that the applications be DENIED.

  8. Over 180 letters were submitted from local residents opposing the applications. 

Unfortunately, City Council is not bound by these recommendations. Your opinion matters and we hope you will consider contacting City Council to make your voice heard about this important decision for Burlington’s future.

Mayor Jim Butler: (336) 327-4427,

Councilperson Harold Owen: (336) 222-5020,

Councilperson Kathy Hykes:

Councilperson Bob Ward: (336) 227-1954,

Councilperson Ronnie Wall: (336) 222-5020,  


Also, please CC planning staff members so there is a public record:     

Jamie Lawson

We hope that you will also attend the City Council meeting on Tuesday, October 4th at 7pm. You can find more information about City Council meetings on the City's website. In person attendance has the greatest impact!

Finally, feel free to contact us at  if you have questions.

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